JayGrey for Greenpeace

Stop the Super Trawler with Greenpeace

Save the shore with JayGrey and Greenpeace! Take a look at how they have raised awareness of the destructive super trawler, Abel Tasman (ex Margiris), which recently hit Australian shores.

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Share this?

Amidst the complexity we now face, I’ve discovered a rather startling answer to the question posed to me earlier. The one thing that keeps repeating itself to me whenever I evaluate ideas. A very simple question of – is the idea so good you would want to share it?

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The Web of Things, Going Beyond Social

The web, so far has had two distinct phases – from a commercial and a human perspective. The first was the connection of the infrastructure and the second was the connection of people. But now, we are about to enter a third and most interesting phase – The web of things. The web of things can be defined as a world where the web becomes so omnipresent that it becomes…invisible.

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