Inseok Lee

Inseok Lee

To seek what people want and to make brand as superheroes. Advertisers should see things uniquely, think differently and then create things that people want. This is a crazy job.

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Yolanda Ong

Peace be with us

Four annexes and an addendum detail the creation of a transition commission, the Bangsamoro Basic Law, and a Bangsamoro Transition Authority. It signifies the sources of wealth creation and financial assistance. Relationships with the national government and the local government units are also discussed with the appeal that this should be “reflective of the recognition of the Bangsamoro identity and their aspiration for self-governance.”

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Malvika - Impact 50 influential women of 2014

IMPACT’s Top 50 Most Influential Women 2014

Malvika Mehra on the Top 50 Most Influential Women 2014 list by IMPACT.

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Find out your Finnish name

Finngenerator helps to find out your Finnish name and the meaning behind it.

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GSK team (Eye-mo) collaborates with Alew Liew

A collaboration between the GSK team (Eye-mo) and Alew Liew creates the new art form, water calligraphy.

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Grey Dhaka’s official theme song for ICC World Twenty20 gone viral

Grey Dhaka was the agency behind the popular theme song “Char Chokka Hoi Hoi”.

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Mary Meledie Warren

Ad Campaigns must contribute to brand longevity: interview with Meldy M. Warren

She is a weekend warrior who loves to cook and entertain people at home. In her profession, she would like her agency’s ads to win not only creative but also marketing awards.

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Imrul Ehsan

CFO Series: Grey Dhaka: Poised to exceed self

The focus is always to create greater value for the client and break established communication norms to create new trends. This requires a participatory style of management where every employee is not only given responsibilities but also the authority to execute the responsibilities in the best possible way.

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Gaku Takai

Creation is my life work and it is my joy that what I created could move or change the society.

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Grey Group Malaysia awarded Bronze at The International AME Awards 2014

The International AME Awards 2014 saw Grey Group Malaysia bagging the AME Bronze Medallion in the Civic/Social Education category.

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