multinational typeface_1

Grey Group Singapore’s multinational typeface

Grey Group Singapore invented a design tool to brand their team, and to communicate their mindset and vision – the world’s first multinational typeface.

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Subbaraju Alluri_2

Top agencies in The Work 2013 – Grey Group Singapore

Campaign Brief Asia selected Grey Group Singapore as one of the Top Agencies for The Work 2013.

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agus sudradjat - entry

CEO Series: Limitations of talent pool

The explosive growth in mobile devices and entertainment has had a positive impact on the digital industry in Indonesia. With the growth of affluence – an emerging middle class consumer – the industry will see an approximate 50% growth in the next five years. This booming growth of the digital sector will certainly have a positive impact on digital professionals.

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Scent Mix Recipe 12

Procter & Gamble: Launch of Lenor’s “Aroma Jewel”

Lenor’s “Scent Mix Recipe 12” campaign helps to solve consumers’ worries of mixing two things together and ending up with a scent that they dislike

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Tatsuhisa Nakajima_4

Creative Series: The Transition of the Advertising Industry

Another interesting change we have seen in recent years is that there is an increasing need to recognise and acknowledge the diversity in current consumer preferences. Strong branding strategies coupled with in-store activation activities such as point-of-purchase and sales promotions are critical for effective campaigns especially where there is a downturn in consumption.

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Media Release - Grey Launches 2 first-of-its-kind for deaf community

Grey launches first-of-its kind applications for deaf community

In collaboration with SADeaf, the agency has developed Say it With Signs and Hearing Aide – two new mobile applications – to bridge communication gap between the hearing and the Deaf community.

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Body Shop - Campaign Asia

Holding true to their values

The Body Shop holds true to their values with their four female Malaysian activists.

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Say It With Signs and Hearing Aide

Singapore Association for the Deaf collaborated with Grey Group Singapore to develop two innovative mobile apps “Say It With Signs and Hearing Aide”.

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Yolanda Ong

PPP against poverty

It is disturbing that while the World Bank has noted that the number of people living in extreme poverty has declined in every developing region in the world from 2005 to 2008, the Philippines’ deprivation level has remained the same.

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Into the past

Wellcome takes its consumers on ride, in a movie-like approach, to a step back in time.

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