What keeps us alive? What gets us up when we fall?
What guide us when we are in the dark? What pushes us through our limit?
What drives us forward?

#LIVEWITHPASSION with the new ANANDA Development corporate video

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Sonya Misquitta

Sonya Misquitta (GREY Mumbai) wins again at WPP Atticus Awards!

Sonya Misquitta, (GREY Mumbai) has been awarded a Certificate of Merit at the recent WPP Atticus Awards. Her article titled A Clash of Cultures (click here to read more) explored the concept of integration, and how brands must play a …

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pix 1ed

Grey Shanghai – Children’s Day Activity

To wind down and have fun on Children’s Day, our colleagues at Grey Shanghai became kids again by showing up to work in their elementary school uniforms – the red scarf and white shirt. They were assigned to 3 different …

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GreySpotlight: Randell Quitain

Name: Randell Quitain

Position: Front-End Developer

Agency: Grey Digital

Office: Singapore

Claim to Fame: A fast learner, low-profile and output-oriented developer (… and also I just platinumed FromSoftware’s “Bloodborne” i think it’s something to brag about.)


What sparked your

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P - Ali Shabaz

Ali Shabaz to be on Ad Stars Executive Jury panel



We have just received word that Ali Shabaz, our CCO from the Grey Group South-East Asia office has been added to the Ad Stars Awards 2016 Executive Jury panel!

Held at Busan, South Korea, Ad Stars has a

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annual dinner party

Grey Group Hong Kong Annual Dinner Party

It was all smiles and raucous laughter as Grey Group Hong Kong hosted its Annual Dinner Party over at Harlan’s Bar & Restaurant.

The party theme was “Descendant of Fashion”, and all staff had to wear two fashion …

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