Aditi Jain one of the chosen participants for WPP Stream

Aditi Jain, Account Planning and Business Development, Grey Mumbai, is one of the chosen 10 participants for the YoungStars at WPP Stream India 2016.

Named as “one of the worlds best technology conferences” by WIRED, Stream brings WPP clients and agencies together with industry leaders to think about our digital future and what that means for communications, what it means for creativity and last, but not least, what it means for business.

Aditi was selected from about 100 entrants across the WPP entities.

This is the second year in a row that a Grey personnel has made it to the Top 10!

Congratulations Jain.

Learn more about her below!

Aditi Jain

Job title
Account Planning and Business Development

Grey Mumbai

Claim to Fame
For now, being selected for the Youngstars at WPP Stream India 2016?

Tell me about the best vacation you have taken.
A 20-day backpacking trip across Karnataka, from college a year ago – with little money and so much enthusiasm. Oh, the aimless wandering, the stars and the sea!

Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be? Why?
There’s no ‘who’. I am very easily inspired and amused by trees, shadows and stories told by people. You just have to choose how much to stay and listen.

Are you still learning about yourself?
Yes, I am. In fact, I have just learnt how to express myself clearly – without talking in vague metaphors. And, now I just can’t stop.

If you could retire tomorrow, what would be the first thing you do?
I will rent a cottage by the sea, with a an extra room, which I would then put on Airbnb – to get some easy money. Then I will proceed to sit and stare at the sea and hum a song.

Ever been in jail? If yes, for what reason?
No but I’ve put someone in jail for a night though – the wretched guy who did a flash-and-run on me, and led me to take major offense.

Recommend a food place in your city.
Crystal, it’s a tiny place run by a family since the 1950s. Everything in that area has drastically changed and modernized, but the tiny, sea facing restaurant has remained untouched.
Same old world charm, same undiluted flavors – it’s a simpler world.

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