afaqs! interviews Sunil Lulla and Malvika Mehra

Sunil and Malvika
With the start of 2015, afqas! sat down and spoke with Sunil Lulla, Chairman & Managing Director of Grey Group India, and Malvika Mehra, National Creative Director of Grey Group India.

Read on below to view a snippet of the interview or click here to find out their thoughts.

Q. What other changes do you see in the ad industry?
Sunil: I worked in the agency business when all the services were fully integrated, when we charged high quality fees.
Today, there is so much fragmentation. All kinds of specialised services have been compartmentalised into companies. This creates walls, management difficulties and ego battles.
Agencies have become more frugal. The level of training has deteriorated. At the junior end, agencies are not able to attract and sustain large volumes of people.

Q. How different is it working on the Swachh Bharat campaign, vis-à-vis ‘regular’ brands?
Malvika: With such businesses, there tends to be this attitude – “Government client hai… cheypo, nikaalo.” But I am clear – not on my time. The big difference I want to make this year is – government films will not look like ‘government films’.
Swachh Bharat for me is a brand. The fact that you’re being entrusted with changing the way the country thinks is even bigger than a Cannes Gold.

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