Basaan Festival – Downy

San Juan is a small city in the heart of Metro Manila, Philippines. But every year at the start of the monsoon season, it creates one of the biggest commotions with the celebration of the Wattah Wattah Festival.

The Wattah Wattah Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in the Philippines where people merrily douse each other with water. The basaan festival, also known as water-splashing activity, makes it the perfect venue and receptivity point to demonstrate the product benefit of Quick Dry + Freshness of Downy, especially since it’s the start of the monsoon season.

Working together with the local government of San Juan City, Downy became the first brand to be integrated into the annual parade and activities of the festival.



To demonstrate the benefits, the press and the public were able to experience Downy in the wet festival through:
- A giant dryer that echoed Downy’s new quick-dry formula
- Hydro-chromatic shirts which revealed Downy’s message upon getting wet
- A Downy Parade Truck that carried media guests, armed with water guns, through the city and the festivities from the best vantage point. This also ensured visibility of the giant merchandising machine that was blowing Downy scented bubbles.
- Downy’s quick-dry shirts were given to the wet residents ready for a quick “dry-off”

The campaign received a total media coverage valuing more than Php24 million and a total media impression of more than 26 million. There was also an impressive ROI and market share which average from a plateau of 0.3% – 0.4% for the past six months went up by 1.5%.

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