Campaigns & Grey checks in with Widus Hotel & Casino

Campaigns & Grey has been chosen by Widus Hotel & Casino as the first creative agency that they will work with. The partnership will see Campaigns & Grey covering out-of-home advertising, digital, above-the-line advertising and below-the-line advertising for the client.

Widus Hotel & Casino, rated a Deluxe Class Hotel by the Philippines Department of Tourism, was chosen as one of the top 13 luxury hotels and top 25 hotels in the Philippines for 2013 by the well-known travel website

“We were impressed that Campaigns & Grey were able to provide effective creative ideas to overcome challenges in advertising a new casino whilst leveraging on other attractions the hotel has to offer,” said Neki Liwang, Business Development Manager of Widus Hotel & Casino.

“We are very excited to take on this project and extremely proud that Widus Hotel & Casino has chosen us. It definitely demonstrates Campaigns & Grey’s ability to thoroughly understand what the client needs and to provide them with effective solutions,” said Cherry Gutierrez, CEO of Campaigns & Grey.

Boboy Consunji, CEO of Campaigns & Grey said, “To be working with such a highly-acclaimed hotel is an honour. The team has worked really hard and we are looking forward to getting started on the campaign.”

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