Can Advertising Creativity Reclaim Its Place at the High Table? – Sunil Lulla

Sunil Lulla 01
“At dinner, when I was growing up (in the ‘60s – am I sharing my age?), the radio was always on. The conversation at the table would be disrupted by radio jingles. I still remember most of them. Sometimes the conversation was about those ads.

Then came television (in the ‘70s) and ads, first in black and white and then in colour. The early ones were extension of the radio jingles. Then came scaled up production, shot at locations all over the world. It was like a travelogue. We watched some of those ads, with marvel, recalling not the ones which played more often, but those which left a lasting impression. The conversation at dinner continued to be disrupted by the ads, given we did not dare speak during the program.

Now in the ‘15s (2015) an array of gadgets are parked atop the dinner table, exchanging silent comments, called likes, fans, tweets, emails, vines, tubes. Television, unless the news is really breaking, is on record mode. Yes ads continue to be noticed, but now there are so many to speak about. It’s boggling the mind and recall is a challenge. Or is it that I am growing older.” – Sunil Lulla, Chairman & Managing Director of Grey Group India

Sunil shares with Little Black Book on the evolvement of advertising. Read more about what Sunil has to say here.

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