Celebrating Equality in the Skies, with Grey Group India and the Indian Air Force

To break gender stereotypes, the IAF champions equality in the skies.

The Indian Air Force is known to overcome barriers with courage, strength and valour. Which is why, when the whole country was debating the role of women in society, and brands were trying to create a conversation around it, the Indian Air Force took a historic step and showed the way forward by commissioning India’s first batch of women fighter pilots. Walking the talk and shattering the stereotypes around what work women could or couldn’t do, in the process. In many ways, this is a definitive stamp of equality, coming from the Air Force – often perceived as a bastion of male–only bravado.

This film seeks to change our perception of what women are capable of. The campaign proudly boasts the achievement of its first women fighter pilots, and also sparks a conversation around the preconceived notions that many in society have about the role and place of a woman.


The campaign goes a step ahead by showcasing Indian Air Force as a place where there are equal opportunities for both men and women. Be it the fighter pilots, helicopter and transport pilots, ground staff and technical staff, the Air Force has a place for everyone. Because at IAF, the service of the nation knows no gender.

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