Sort Me Out for Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Imagine logging into your Facebook and seeing your data getting erased gradually – personal information, pictures and friend’s list. Scary, isn’t it? This is somewhat similar to what Alzheimer patients have to go through. Grey Singapore based their latest campaign on this concept; the “Sort Me Out” app allows users to experience the effects of Alzheimer’s – it was so real that Facebook requested for the app to be taken down!



There are 7.7 million new cases of Alzheimer’s each year. While we are not able to stop the number from growing, how can we stop victims from being isolated? Traditional media such as print ads, television commercials, radio spots and brochures have done their part in educating and building public awareness on the prevalence of Alzheimer’s, but these measures are relatively ineffective in eradicating the public’s apathy towards the disease.

When the Alzheimer’s Disease Association wanted the public to understand and empathize with Alzheimer’s patients, something more drastic had to be done.


People will care more about things when they experience it themselves. The idea is therefore to simulate the terrifying effects of Alzheimer’s on healthy people and get them to feel exactly what an Alzheimer’s patient goes through.


“Sort Me Out” is an innocent sounding app that was released in a place where people store their most precious memories – Facebook. On the surface, the app promised to ‘organize’ a Facebook user’s data – personal information, pictures and friend’s lists. But once accepted, the effects of Alzheimer’s quickly took over. Designed to behave like a memory-killing virus, the app started an onslaught of disappearing friends, photos and memories on their Facebook page.


For the first time, people experienced the anguish, just like real Alzheimer’s patients. The effects were so real that Facebook demanded for the app to be removed.

  • Sort Me Out turned Facebook users into advocates. They helped spread the app to over 75 countries.
  • Visitors to ADA’s website doubled and the number of volunteers spiked during the campaign period.
  • Most importantly, Sort Me Out ended people’s indifference toward Alzheimer’s Disease.


Winner of:

  1. Best Smart Use of Media Campaign – Singapore Media Awards 2012
  2. Winner: Web Section – ADSA Non-Profit and Social Advertising Awards 2012



Chief Creative Officer / Executive Creative Director: Ali Shabaz, Grey Singapore

Associate Creative Director: Joseph Cheong, Grey Singapore

Copywriter: Dunstan Lee, Grey Singapore

Art Director: Tan Zi Wei, Grey Singapore

Art Director: Deng Yingzhi, Grey Singapore

Illustrator: Boo Wei Yi, Grey Singapore

Illustrator: Shum Qi Hao, Grey Singapore

Senior Interactive Designer: Sudhir Pasumarthy, Grey Singapore

TV Producer: Sandra Ong, Grey Singapore


Chief Technology Officer: Adrian Lee, Yolk

Senior Interactive Designer: Adrian Tee, Yolk

Social Media Executive: Stephanie Chua, Yolk

Project Manager: Kester Poh, Yolk


Producer: Billy Fong, VHQ

Editor: Eng Yong, VHQ

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