The Challenge
Pantene has recently created the biggest shampoo upgrade in 20 years in the form of a new and innovative formula which blocks the damage to hair keratin.

Grey Group Hong Kong was tasked to take on three clear challenges
1.         Assert Pantene’s superiority in damage repair.

2.         Build Pantene’s brand in today’s digital age.

3.         Establish an emotional connection with consumers.

The Insight
My hair is very important to me as it completes my look. That’s why I always buy the best hair products. Unfortunately, none of the hair care products I have tried have delivered the results that I wanted. I don’t know what else I can do?

‘Free from Damage, Free to Shine’. The work communicated the promise that the ‘New Pantene repairs and blocks damage from the first wash so that you are free to shine’.

They were the three core pillars to the campaign:
1. The Science behind the product: First Keratin damage blocker, Pantene Hair Research institute, Pro-V nourishment.

2. The First Mover Superiority: First shampoo on market to repair and block damage – ‘Healthier hair from 1st wash’ is the golden standard.

3. Communicate the “WOW” Factor: Using a new global color palette/design theme and also the after-usage results. Furthermore, the product needs to win at the retail space.

A teaser campaign was launched to set up the question: Does your repair truly make hair healthy?



Following that, a holistic campaign was deployed to get young digitally savvy Chinese women to #discovernewpantene.

The Pantene flagship store was launched in the top five e-retailer sites of China with a thematic campaign page to provide information and credentials on the product. Key opinion leaders’ endorsements, Q&A about winter hair damage and product recommendations were also featured on the e-commerce channels to reinforce the product message.

Consumer engagement were done via social channels such as Weibo, WeChat and BBS to provide key opinion leaders’ testimonies, talk about the Pantene Science Story and leverage on the celebrities endorsements.

Search engine optimisation and marketing were critical to the campaign as well. The team produced customised ads and optimised keywords, garnering over 10 million impressions and more than 250 million click-throughs to the e-commerce sites, via both desktops and mobiles.  At the same time, the campaign dominated visibility in two beauty websites with over 450 million impressions and two million click-throughs. In addition to all that, tailor made content and promotional videos were developed and produced – driving traffic back to the various e-commerce sites.

The campaign marked the first time that Pantene launched a made-for mobile integrated activation and the first ever Pantene Hair Lab, an online survey for personalised hair consultation.

So how did the campaign do?

The holistic campaign resonated strongly with the target audience. In a month, the campaign achieved an all-time category wide record of a billion impressions and e-commerce sales doubled.

An additional bonus? Pantene became the number one hair care brand on social channels by creating a buzz with #discovernewpantene.

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