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Suffering from winter woes? You’re not the only one. Meet Emiko and Mami, two young snowboard instructors who love the outdoors and the snow. Every winter break, they would teach snowboarding to young children – and while this gives them satisfaction, their hair suffers from the harsh outdoor conditions, causing them to be dry and damaged.

Lucky for them (and their hair!), the P&G team, as part of their global campaign “The Everyday Effect”, personally delivered the P&G Blue Box brimming with Pantene goodies that would salvage their hair, making it smoother and more free-flowing.


With a video diary chronicling the 14-days usage of Pantene, the change is not only visible to them, but also those around them, who mentioned that the girls are visibly happier and brighter.

Watch their story here:

Check out how the P&G Blue Box brings about positive changes to others below:

The Ariel Effect: A Japan Story



Tough stains are a consistent challenge to these aspiring young chefs who wish to do well in all their assigned duties, including providing pristine white uniform after each laundry. But they can bid farewell to dirty laundry when the P&G Blue Box arrives at the doorstep of their restaurant! When they use Ariel products, they not only clean all tough greases and dirts, but their clean, white uniform also helps to motivate them and focus better on cooking. Great attitude, great food!

Watch their story below:

The Everyday Effect: A Japan Story



Young Mums in Japan are often seeking for new friends to share their concerns and parenting tips. But some are hesitant in inviting their mommy-friends over as they are self-conscious about their homes. But with the P&G Blue Box each delivered to their homes, containing Lenor, Febreze and Joy products that give off pleasant scents to their homes, they start inviting their friends over… and this is the beginning of a long-lasting friendship.

Kudos to the team behind the campaign!

Agency: Grey Tokyo

Creative Director: Kanji Miyagawa

Art Director: Shiho Kurihara

Producer: Jaeyoung Ha

Account Directors: Yukiko Ochiai, Junko Igarashi

Account Supervisor: Sakiko Horikawa, Tai Kenneth

Director: Tsuguhito Fujioka

DOP: Kozo Natsumi

Click here to view the press release (P&G and Grey Tokyo – The Everyday Effect)

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