Fran Luckin & African entrepreneurs showcase their innovation

Young entrepreneurs and their innovation were in the spotlight at a recent Rise Africa event, hosted by Grey agency.

Fran Luckin, chief creative officer for Grey JHB, took attendees through five case studies, showing how adversity and constraints only spurs African innovation and creativity in order to overcome the challenges.


The impact of tech changes on agencies

Aside from showcasing case studies of innovation by African entrepreneurs, the event also explored the impact of tech changes in the media agency world. Nirvik Singh, chairman and CEO for the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions for Grey Group Global believes agencies are responding well to the evolution:

He lists these as the top three digital trends that agencies need to watch out for this year:

  • Voice will be the next big thing and will replace tap as voice activated systems grow in prominence
  • A lot of movement will happen around data and data science
  • In the healthcare space, many more apps will help consumers self-medicate or will help healthcare professionals assist their patients

Singh’s advice to brands would be, “Brands that live in pop culture are brands that are loved. Gone are the days when you can do a TV commercial and tell somebody ‘go wash your hair’. Today the consumer is in charge of your brand. If you can get your brand and its message shared, liked and forwarded then it is in pop culture. There’s no greater truth than a friend of yours recommending a brand to you and that’s what social media can do”.

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