Friday Inspirational Sessions with Anita Kapoor

Last Friday, we were privileged to have Anita Kapoor (TV Host & Presenter) drop by the Grey Group Singapore office. The world is really a small place. How large is your mind? Anita is a third culture kid, immigrant, Singaporean, and a TV travel host, speaker and equality advocate.

Her attitude? Adopting and immersing in each others worlds results in broad knowledge, Life Umami, and perpetual expansiveness. Come listen to why she will never let these gifts and resulting life lessons, go.

What exactly is ‘Life Umami’? – Read on to find out!



“I chose the word umami, because umami is hard to describe – except that it is a fullness. Like each one of us.”


“Hand drawn fish carts, 530AM. Small bells. The smell of fish and the sea. The pungency of dried fish lying on the boardwalks. Downstairs the buildings cleaners breakfast – chapatti’s being toasted. Low chatter. Art Deco buildings. An open fire. My grandmothers skin. Her cooking. The smell of rain. Custard apples. BBQ’d corn. I was 5/6.”


“But the truth is, this stuff – this life umami- lives in each and every one of us. I just chose to tap it. It was a decision, perhaps in the search for identity and belonging, so it preoccupied. But really, it’s living in each of you. It just gets tucked away.”


“What do you think, would begin to happen, if we let it go, and shared just that little bit more of ourselves, without fear, without judgement. What do you think will happen? Ponder.”


“But I also see that because of my experiences with being rootsless, homeless and not belonging, and moving, and not speaking my mother tongue, or being brought up in a culture where everyone looked and sounded the same, has blessed me with a unique way of viewing the world, and living in it. The world has so much diversity to offer. Just look at this room.”


“My irregular life has given me these things: Curiosity, Observation, the ‘No Fear’ approach, Experimental, Failure, Development, Letting Go, Empathy, Global Views, ESSENCE.”

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