Going dark on technology

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Australians are some of the most technologically connected consumers in the world. 65% of us own smartphones that enable us to be connected to digital and social media 24 hours a day. And while this remarkable connectedness has many benefits, recent research is confirming the instinctive fears of many, that it also has potentially adverse implications for our mental and physical health.

As a result, many Australians are taking a stand by “going dark” on technology, unplugging, or switching off their digital devices. As more of us cross over to the dark side, innovative brands are attempting to resolve this tension with technology (ironically) and campaigns that help customers in their quest for peace of mind.

Sunrise this week launched a week-long campaign to help their viewers accomplish a ‘digital detox’.

Similarly, telecommunications provider Amaysim encouraged customers to join them on ‘Switch Off Sunday’ and offered them tools to ease the transition.

In Europe, Kit Kat helped people to have a break from technology with ‘WiFi free zones’ that blocked out WiFi signals within a 5-metre radius.

Eva Restaurant in LA wanted customers to enjoy their meal the old fashioned way so they offered 5% off the bill in return for switching off.




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