Grey Digital India and Cadbury Silk indulge fans with ‘Say It With Silk’ campaign

say it with silk
This Valentine’s day, Grey Digital India has rolled out a social media campaign for the Cadbury Silk (Silk). The brand urged fans to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way and to make it be a memorable one. Last year, thousands of fans created personalised content as part of a campaign conceptualised by Grey Digital India too. This year, the insight was that people are shy when it comes to expressing their love and sometimes need that little nudge to do it. And that’s where Silk would come in. The brief was to equip the fans with tools that would help them ‘Say it with Silk’ and share their love stories.

In response, Grey Digital India conceptualised a digital piece resting on four pillars:

Silk Emoticons – A language of Love: Since this generation loves communicating via emoticons, an entire range of animated Silk emoticons was created with clever product integration. These stickers were then made available on Truly Madly, the dating app, and Nimbuzz, the chat messenger.

Personalised Video Creation: Since the ultimate Valentine’s gift is always a personalised one, the agency created a rich media banner that would let fans create personalised videos for their partners within seconds. The feature was also made available on a microsite,

The Bollywood with Silk video: Nothing symbolises love better in India than Bollywood’s favourite scene, a couple at the train station. Therefore, Grey Digital reimagined this with Silk, featuring a chocolate boy hero, a cute heroine and loads of chocolate. Wondering what that looks like? Watch it below!

Fairy Tale – A personalised book of love: Fans on social media were asked to share their love stories with the brand. Some of the best ones would be printed in a hardbound book, complete with a personalised fairy tale cover and a bar of Silk.

Talking about the campaign, Leroy Alvares, President – Digital Services, said, “Research has shown that consumers often gift each other a bar of Silk on Valentine’s Day. So this was the perfect opportunity for a brand intervention. An opportunity to give these fans the tools that would help them script their own love stories! Every digital piece was crafted like how a consumer would craft a personalised gift!”

Credit List:
Client Servicing: Leroy Alvares, Samay Lund
Creative: Salil Inamdar, Ishan Mehta, Janhavi Kumar, Rahul Patil, Umesh Birhade, Raju Vasam
Social Media: Ruchi Vora
Video team: Sharad Shinde, Jignya Shedge
Production: Prashant Raje, Rahul Ghanate
Technology: Ramesh Pai, Rohan Gaitonde, Nitin Rajshirke, Shailesh Junghare
Public Relations & Corporate Communications: Sonal Sheth
Regional Director, PR & Corporate Communications: Huma Qureshi
Regional Corporate Communications Executive: Pang Yanrong

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