Grey Group China’s creative briefing workshop at the Shanghai office

Packed with heated discussions as well as laughter and applause, a creative briefing workshop was held at Grey Shanghai on January 20 and 21. The workshop was set up to assist in optimising efficiency and effectiveness of the China team creative teamwork – from the management mindset to the execution of procedures. Delivering compelling and interactive presentations for the workshop, were two British trainers, Paul and Gillian from Oystercatchers, a leading marketing consultancy who are experts in enabling agencies and brand teams to maximise their marketing performance through optimising their creative, strategic and media partnerships.

The first day saw 10 key leaders from Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai as well as TH Peng, CEO of Grey Group China, attending the session.

The following are photos taken from the first day of the training session.


Grey Group China CEO, TH Peng can be seen listening attentively at the corner.


Paul delivering his compelling presentation.


Gillian Harrison from Oystercatchers.


ECD of Grey Beijing, Yue Cheeguan who flew down from Beijing and June, MD of Grey Shanghai.


Intense discussion with MD, Ivan Yuen.

The following photos are people who have flown in for the two days workshop.


Eric Leong, Head of Planning of Grey Group Hong Kong.



The second day saw more than 30 staffs from the creative, planning and account departments participating in the customised workshop.




Q & A time.

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