Grey Group India’s new shazé campaign speaks out against labels in the society

Magazine_Ad-01Shazé is a premium lifestyle brand with a wide range of products that defines bold expression. All shazé creations are one-of-a-kind and are handpicked with a keen eye on finesse, craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Operating in the luxury and lifestyle space, shazé’s initial aim was to make its presence felt in a world that is dominated by labels. The insight identified were labels subsume your identity, take away your sense of individuality and simply reduce you to as part of a herd. Hence, a call for self-expression with the tagline ‘JOIN THE LABELLION’ (#AgainstLabels).

Following second year into it’s founding, it was time to add a larger relevance by making fashion and lifestyle a political statement with greater social currency. Grey Group India and shazé’s new campaign decide to shine a light on the innumerable bans, protests and stereotypes imposed on us. The aim was to address and give a voice to these Magazine_Ad-02simmering discontent.

Samrat Zaveri, Managing Director, Shazé states, “As a brand it’s important for us to stand for a purpose. Since we are about uniqueness in design, our purpose has been to stand out against the herd mentality relevant in our society. Taking this a notch above, we make a statement at a deeper societal level as a brand and speak out against labels that confine us into these small herds.”

As a fashion and lifestyle brand, being able to express freely is key. Through this campaign we want to bring to light the futility of labels and the growing need to stay true to ourselves and stand our own ground,” he added.


A digital platform was also used to launch the film, Against Labels, which talks about the need to rebel against a society that is constantly curbing self-expression.

Dheeraj Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer, GREY group South & South East Asia says, “We are trying to bring together a sense of bold self-expression and fashionability – a space where you can speak your mind and that’s a mark of fashionability. The mood of our times is such that brands need to have a point of view on what’s going on in the society. This allows us to root a fashion/luxury brand such as shazè into something deeper and meaningful. The line-up of shazè adds to this uniqueness and sense of bold self-expression.”


The print campaign takes a slightly different view. Society is often quick to judge and to confine people to stereotypes, and so being responsible for this repression of expression too. But what the society doesn’t realize is when one labels, one becomes a label too.

Commenting on the campaign, Sujala Martis, Vice President and Business Head at GREY says, “I think the timing for a campaign like this couldn’t be more right. At a societal level there has never been more stifling of expression and opinion. Also from a cultural lens ours has forever been a country where we are more interested in what the neighbour is doing and how we can judge/label that. It’s about time that this suppression is lost and boldness and fearlessness are celebrated for the virtues that they are.”

View the video (Against Labels) below.

Campaign Credits:
Company: Shaze Luxury Retail Pvt Ltd.
Samrat Zaveri – Managing Director,Shaze
Shilpa Rathi: Head – Marketing & Public Relations
Namrata Bharti: Assistant Manager – Marketing
Vipul Arora: Head – E – Commerce

Advertising Agency: GREY Group India
Sandipan Bhattacharyya
Goral Ajmera
Sukanya Subramaniyan

Client Servicing:
Sujala Martis
Prithviraj Shetty
Alethea Dmello

Dheeraj Sinha
Sonya Misquitta

Films/GREY Works:
Samir Chadha

Production House: Future East
Director: Ashim Ahluwalia
Producer: Priyanka Banga

Associate Director – Public Relations & Corporate Communications: Sonal Sheth

Grey Group Asia Pacific
Regional Director, PR & Corporate Communications: Huma Qureshi
Regional Corporate Communications Executive: Pang Yanrong

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