Grey presents Southeast Asia’s debut of Sanddornbalance at Spikes Asia 2013

Celebrating 50 years of “Famously Effective” creativity in Asia, Grey presents YouTube sensation, international dancer and Sanddornbalance performer, Miyoko Shida Rigolo at Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2013 in Singapore.

Sanddornbalance is a tranquil balance act that highlights the intricate complexities between strength and fragility, fascinating energy and power of meditation with elegance and poise.  The art form is deeply compelling and a reflection of the true power of harmony between body, mind and soul. Miyoko’s performance has garnered over 12 million views on YouTube and she is winner of the Silver Prize of The Fifth International Festival of Circus Art in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia (2012) and the Special Prize of Russian State Circus Company (2012).


Photo credit: Friedrich Klawitter

Following her performance, an engaging one-on-one interview will be conducted with Miyoko by Ali Shabaz, chief creative officer of Grey Group Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, to discover Miyoko’s passion, influences and inspirations in her journey in the world of Sanddornbalance. The session will focus on how her experiences and approach to her art form parallels to that of the creative industry as we know – a world where chaos seems to reign and achieving balance and harmony has become paramount.

View the seminar trailer:

Born in Japan, Miyoko discovered dance when she met, the now deceased, Emzaburou-Jun Kyoya of Tokyoza Dance Company in Japan. Leaving her career behind as journalist and planner, she became one of the assistant choreographers in the company. Since 1997, Miyoko has been featured in numerous notable dance productions in Europe: played the lead role of Lady Macbeth in “Les Juments de la nuit” by Bartabas in Château de Versailles Spectacles, Théâtre du Châtelet for “Entr’aperçu” by Bartabas (Zingaro), Opera “La Passion” by Bob Wilson, substitute for Lucinda Childs in “Aventures et Nouvelles Aventures” of György Ligeti by Charlotte Nessi (Ensemble Justiniana), “This is my house“ by choreographer Myriam Gourfink, Japanese traditional dance with Juju Alishina(Cie.Nuba), amongst numerous others. Currently residing in France, Miyoko has been a member of Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque since 1999 and creates solo, duo and ensemble work in Paris.

Details of Miyoko Shida Rigolo’s Sanddornbalance performance

Session: Grey Group Eye on Asia: Creativity – The Art of Harmony & Balance
Date: 15 September 2013, Sunday
Time: 12:00pm – 12:35pm
Venue: Seminar Theatre, Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore

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