Grey Group Singapore breaks its record with 22 awards


The team had their most outstanding showing to date with a record-breaking 22 awards including a Gold, four Silver and 17 Bronze at the Gong Show.

The work ‘Know Your English Web Banners’ for the British Council Singapore scored a Gold, two Silver and a Bronze.

The campaign and different individual works for Qatar Airways received a Silver and six Bronze. The work ‘Old Couple’ bagged a Silver and a Bronze whilst ‘Dad and Baby’ and ‘Brother and Sister’ each received two Bronze. The campaign ‘Face-to-Face Connections-Brother and Sister/Dad and Baby/Old Couple’ was also awarded a Bronze.

A Silver was given to the innovative ‘Tea Stories’ work for the Manjushree Plantations.

Five Bronze were clinched for the campaign and individual work done for P&G’s Duracell Batteries. Two Bronze were bagged for the ‘Street Fighter’ work and a Bronze was awarded to the work ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Mario’, and the campaign ‘Don’t Let The Game Die – Assassin’s Creed/Mario/Street Fighter’ respectively.

The ‘Hearing Aide’ work for The Singapore Association For The Deaf was recognised with five Bronze.

A special mention to Suzana Kamis, our ‘Unsung Hero of the Year’, for her critical supporting role whilst at her time at Grey Group Singapore.

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