Grey Group’s performance at the 36th AWARD Awards and ADFEST 2015

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The 36th AWARD Awards saw Grey Group Singapore awarded with two Silver and two Bronze, and a Bronze for Grey Melbourne.

Grey Group Singapore’s ‘Know Your English Web Banners’ work for the British Council Singapore scored a Silver and a Bronze, and the ‘Hearing Aide’ work for The Singapore Association for the Deaf was given a Silver. The ‘Tea Stories’ also done by Grey Group Singapore for Manjushree, and the ‘Ungiven Gifts’ by Grey Melbourne for the Transport Accident Commission was each awarded a Bronze.

“The Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association – now in its 36th year is the single most important regional awards show. It has a membership of the finest creative minds from New Zealand, to South East Asia and across the states of Australia.” – AWARD

View the ‘Hearing Aide’ work here, and the ‘Know your English web banners’ work here.

The ADFEST 2015 also saw the Singapore team clinching three Silver and two Bronze.

The ‘Know Your English Web Banners’ work was awarded three Silver and a Bronze while the ‘Tea Stories’ campaign scored a Bronze.

“ADFEST is a platform designed not only to promote and recognize creative excellence, but also provides a unique learning opportunity for participants through seeing the best works, listening to inspiring speakers, and exchanging ideas.

ADFEST embraces and celebrates local culture and heritage. With the rich history of heritage and legacy, ADFEST aims for the recognition and preservation of such local value.” – ADFEST 2015

Congratulations guys!

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