Grey Sydney appointed to Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

CBC-logo_lowresAfter a recent RFP and pitch process, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has just appointed Grey Sydney as their agency of record. Cure Brain Cancer, founded by the globally recognised neurosurgeon, Professor Charlie Teo, is the peak organisation for brain cancer research, advocacy, awareness and fundraising in Australia.

Head of Marketing and Communications, Julia Schaefer said, “Our strategy is to collaborate with the most brilliant minds in the world to move the dial on brain cancer survival, which is appallingly low. Grey’s creative brilliance and team ethos fit perfectly into our cohort; they want more than anything to be famously effective for doing us all out of a job, which is not something you’d ordinarily receive from an agency partner. We all know that shock and statistics don’t engage the consumer anymore; they respond to human stories and experiences. We’re at a tipping point. This is the moment for brain cancer and I truly expect a new wave of NFP advertising to emerge as a part of this exciting partnership with Grey”.

Paul Worboys, COO of Grey Group Australia, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Cure Brain Cancer. There isn’t enough praise that can be directed towards these guys. They not only do an amazing job raising funds for this devastating and often overlooked disease, but are also supporting and driving global clinical trials to eradicate this disease. It’s also amazing to see a ‘charity’ operate in such a positive and disruptive manner – they really are breaking conventions. It’s so smart and refreshing.”

He added, “And when you know that brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease, you realise just how important it is for this foundation to succeed, and we are so proud to be a part of it.”

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