GREYnJ United and True Corporation do their bit for Autism awareness

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day 2018, True Corporation partnered with the Autistic Thai Foundation to create awareness, understanding and acceptance for autistic children to live happily in society. The project’s concept was built around “Creating a Better Life for the Disabled”, an idea True believes firmly in.


True has been dedicated to improving the lives of autistic children. For several years, True and the Autistic Thai Foundation have been supporting children with special needs through innovative knowledge, providing career opportunities through the True Autistic Thai Center. In addition, they also set up the True Coffee’s Barista Program and Autistic Application, with the programs designed to help the children better integrate into mainstream society and move towards self-reliance.

Autistic children comprehend things differently from others. Many find it a challenge to understand the emotions displayed in others, have difficulty in communicating and expressing themselves, and very often are described as ‘living in their own world’, barely making eye contact while speaking slowly and repeating their actions. However, many fail to realize the merit and vast potential within them through their concentration skills, and imagination without limits. They are truly special, and their love for all is pure.


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