GREYSpotlight: Katie Wellbelove

Katie Wellbelove
Katie Wellbelove

Job title

Grey Melbourne

Your Claim to Fame
I was a ball girl at Wimbledon when I was 12

Please tell us a little about yourself: your career path, your role at Grey and how has the experience been so far?
My career in advertising production started at Grey London, where I was ‘pitch bitch’ and fabulous tea maker. Since those glory days, I’ve moved to Australia and got a job at the Melbourne office as a producer of all things; print ads, online content, TV ads and parties (Specialising in the production of vodka jellies!).

What sparked your interest in the advertising/creative industry?
I interned in the fashion magazine industry first where I worked in the Art Department; organising shoots. I loved the fast paced world of production and being part of the creative process was really exciting to me. The most important thing was it didn’t feel like work; it was fun and sometimes I got free clothes which was a bonus!!

What’s the weirdest prank you have ever made?
I told my brother he was adopted, which in hindsight probably damaged him physiologically…

Do you believe in ghosts? And why?
I choose not to believe in ghosts because I’m a scaredy cat. I thought Harry Potter was a horror movie…

If people were thrown into jail for bad habits, what would be yours?
I swear. A lot. Like all the time; in front of kids by accident, in front of my grandparents, it’s a problem when making first impressions!

If you could spend a day with a celebrity, who would it be? And why?
I would spend the day with Drake, so he could teach how to perfect the Hotline Bling dance.

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