GreySpotlight – Richa Kapse


Name: Richa Kapse Nair

Agency: Grey Shopper DPI

Office: Singapore

Claim to Fame: Night-watchman at the Grey DPI studio (4th floor)


1.      What sparked your interest in the advertising/creative industry?

Everyone in my family is from a creative background – my father is a graphic designer, mother a playschool teacher who keeps toddlers engaged with creative projects, sister a chef at a Michelin star restaurant, and grandfather a former aircraft-engine mechanic by day who moonlighted as a puppeteer, carpenter, fish breeder, and make-up artist.  So in a way, the creative industry is just the family business.

 2.      Who is your hero in life?

My foundation year professor at design school, M.P. Ranjan. Prof. Ranjan took a course on design process and thinking. He was one of the pioneering advocates in India of applying a design-led strategic approach to resolving anything. From creating business solutions, to developing sustainable living spaces, and overcoming water scarcity. He taught us that design is a way of thinking, and cannot be treated as whitewash on a hastily conceived product or service.

3.     If you could sit down with anyone over lunch, who would it be, and why?

Hard to hone in on one single person, so I’d like to have lunch with ALL my friends from around the world in one place!  I’ve been fortunate to have met interesting people from different walks of life around the world, so to get everyone in one room would be amazing.

3.      What is your most bizarre talent?

I have a strangely sharp sense of smell and hearing. As a child, this led me to believe I was related to Marvel’s Daredevil. While I now know I am not Daredevil, I still have an obsession with superhero movies.

4.      What is your favourite commercial of all time, and why?

Sony Ericson’s “One black coffee please”

It skillfully uses the nuances of human hopes and desires to showcase the product. I believe it takes an immensely creative talent to come up with an idea that people from anywhere can identify with.

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