Happiness Arcade


When 15 million people don’t care about recycling, the environment is sure to head towards slow but sure disaster. Coca-Cola wanted the people of Dhaka, Bangladesh to start thinking about recycling with an arcade machine that runs on empty Coca-Cola bottles. Surely, happiness doesn’t end with an empty bottle of Coca-Cola.

And so Coca-Cola partnered with Grey Group Bangladesh to introduce the “Happiness Arcade”.

By simply inserting an empty Coca-Cola bottle into the machine, consumers can start playing the game together with their friends while doing their bit for the environment.

The results?

The Coca-Cola Happiness Arcade started off with six locations and in six days, more than a thousand empty Coca-Cola bottles were collected. These bottles were then recycled into pellets that can be re-used. With more than 3,000 people experiencing the Coca-Cola Happiness Arcade, this is just a small start for the re-cycling movement in Dhaka – “Making a case for recycling, one game at a time”.

Watch the Happiness Arcade in action here!

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