ITC B Natural , with Shilpa Shetty and Grey Group India

Most packaged juices available in the market are made from concentrate. While we may be aware of this fact, what we aren’t privy to is the fact that the whole process of making fruits into concentrate exposes them to excessive heat treatment that robs them of both the natural fruit taste and inherent fruit nutrition. Thus, drinking juices with concentrate is not healthy, as presumed by many, but actually a compromise.

The story unfolds in one of Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga classes where, halfway through the class, she surprises her students with an unexpected twist – making juice while doing Yoga. And as if that shock isn’t big enough, she goes on to demonstrate how fruit juice is heated and made into an excuse of a juice and then served to people claiming it to be healthy.


Vishal Ahluwalia, Vice President – Grey Group Bangalore says, “The task for Grey was dual, launch B Natural 100% Pomegranate juice and bust the myth around juices with concentrate.  The common category belief is that all juices are made from fruit pulp. While we were disrupting the category the execution also had to be disruptive and visually delightful for the consumers to take notice. The campaign is surely going to make us think on how we perceive and receive juices and hopefully resolve the conflict by sipping onto a new pack of B’Natural 100% Pomegranate juice!”

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