Jina Yoon


Jina Yoon

Jina Yoon 

Account Manager

Grey Group Korea

Claim to fame:

2008 Global GREY Group The Best Campaign (Gold)

2013 PMAA The Best Integrated Campaign (Bronze)

Please tell us a little about yourself: your career path, your role at Grey and how has the experience been?

I’ve spent over seven years in the advertising industry. I started my career with Grey (G2) shopper marketing team as an account executive and was responsible for Pantene and MBCI, which are part of P&G, for a CSR campaign. My experience at Grey has been interesting as I analyse customers shopping patterns and routes. Through these, I have gained more understanding and enthusiasm for point-of-sales communications and effectiveness.

I moved on and joined BBDO Korea which is a top advertising agency for the Cosmetic category as a senior account executive. My work experience in BBDO has provided a great opportunity for me to learn IMC communications which helped to broaden my horizons.

Now, I’m back with Grey and our team is much larger with extended professionalism to all BTL areas as compared to a few years ago. As an account manager, I work with an excellent team for Febreze, Downy and Oral-B. I can say we are the best and the most talented team for BTL communications in the world.

What sparks your interest in advertising/creative role?

When my campaign is executed into the world and people talk about the work and projects I was involved in, it gives me motivation and reaffirms my passion for advertising.

Where do you turn to for inspiration?

Chatting with friends, family and co-workers as well as listening to their stories. Watching talk-shows and dramas helps me to gain inspiration too. While I’m talking with friends and co-workers or even watching programs, I find various new perspectives and approaches to life.

Tell us a bit more about yourself outside Grey – What’s your hobby, passion?

I enjoy outside leisure sports; snowboarding in the winter & water skiing in the summer. I especially enjoy these outdoor sports outside of the big city as it makes me feel more relax. The sports also act as a stress reliever for me and provides a break from my routine.

Most important question: Apple or Android?


If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I wish beer would make us healthier.

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