Konstantin Popovic (EVP, GSK APAC) takes on additional responsibility for all GSK brands for Middle East and Africa

Konstantin Popovic, EVP, GSK APAC, who oversees GSK, Grey’s second largest business in APAC, will now take on the additional responsibility for managing all GSK brands for Middle East and Africa. KP joined us almost two years ago to take charge of the region for GSK. Previously he held leadership roles at BBDO & Publicis in New York including 6 years on P&G’s Consumer Healthcare business.



KP’s immediate focus upon arrival was to make the Singapore Global GSK Hub the thriving engine it is today, upgrading talent, improving profitability and credibly establishing our place as an equal global GSK hub to Grey NY & London. Panadol & Panadol C&F are among the very few global brands that are run globally out of Asia, regardless of agency network & industry.


Over the last 2 years, KP worked relentlessly to guide the APAC Grey community through the constant changes & new demands that GSK puts on all of us. He formed strong partnerships across offices, one of which – a collaboration between Grey Group Singapore & Grey Greater China – led to the win of GSK China’s most important brand, Fenbid.


KP’s passion for innovation is well documented, if you are not on his #FridayAfternoonInspiration e-mail list, make sure to sign up. If you ask KP, he will tell you “we are only getting started”. We have potential to elevate the work and to grow our revenue through OOS, and I know KP will bring the same dedication to these goals in his expanded role as he did over the last 2 years.


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