Looking for puppies? Visit: PawfectPets.sg

Ever stopped by a pet shop cos you were drawn to the line of adorable puppies on the shop’s window display?

Have you ever wondered where did the puppies come from? Did you know that most of them are products of puppy mills? And that by buying them, you are indirectly encouraging the growth of a cruel industry that allows animal abuse?

Yolk, a Grey Group company, working in partnership with local animal welfare groups, has launched PawfectPets.sg, an interactive website that aims to create public awareness about puppy mill cruelty. Puppy mills are large breeding facilities where dogs live in horrid conditions, often without necessary food, water or veterinary care and forced to reproduce over and over again. This campaign seeks to create awareness of such unethical practices to encourage people to pledge to adopt their next pet (instead of purchasing one from the pet shop), and to spread the word by sharing their experience and views on social media.

At the core of the campaign is an innovative website that takes on the appearance of an online pet store called PawfectPets. The recently launched campaign specifically targets people looking to buy dog as a pet. Ads placed online and in local newspapers promoting  ’puppies for sale’ direct prospective dog owners to the website. Visitors to the online site are not only able to see the profiles of the puppies, but are also engaged to play with the puppies through an interactive video that turns into a series of pop-up windows that gives a peek into the puppy’s life journey from puppy mill to pet store front.

The campaign strategy is to intercept the shoppers’ journey to make them pause for a moment to consider where these cute pet shop puppies are coming from. By getting their attention where it matters most, the campaign seeks to have potential dog owners leave with a message they will not forget and to help put an end to the cruelty and inhumane practices in puppy mills.

Do your part and don’t forget to pledge to adopt your next pet! :) Visit the website here.



Creative Director: Low Jun Jek
Head of Creative: Shante Lee
Yolk Copywriter: Carrie Lee
Yolk Creative Technologist: Ong Su Hui
Yolk Art Director: Teo Yuling

Grey Group
CCO / ECD: Ali Shabaz


Blk A

Director/Platforms – Calvin Loh
Video Producer – Nilesh J Parekh
Post-Production Supervisor – Calavin Lim
Motion Gfx Artist – Clement Chia
Production Assistant – Larry Lim
Production Assistant – Yap Wen Hui

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