Luke’s Cannes Diary: Jack Black, Astro Teller, Vivienne Westwood

Day 1: Jack Black & Electric Dynamite

“The new world of online content – appealing to the habits of today’s consumer”

Jack says creativity and desperation don’t mix. He urged us to never look desperate. He said he thinks the best ideas are around combining comedy & music. Interesting thought when you consider Dumb Ways To Die is winning multiple Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival. Dumb Ways To Die did comedy & music so very well.

Cannes Day 1 - Luke

Day 2: Google X with Astro Teller
“Taking moonshots, telling stories”

This is Astro Teller from Google X. He runs Google’s ‘moonshots’ division which is designed to create life changing ideas like the driverless car. He told us that creative companies need to have people who are like Peter Pan with a PhD’s – mixing creative people with hard core tech people. We must have both for us to succeed.

Astro Teller lives up to his name.

Cannes Day 2 - Luke

Day 2: Vivienne Westwood
“Stories are more than a narrative. And fashion is more than design.”

From the lady who designed the anarchy logo and the punk fashion revolution, Vivienne Westwood talks about how she thinks we should see ourselves in relation to ideas.

She believes the world has forgotten more than it’s learned. Therefore she’s urging us to look back more often, to see how we can go forward. We’re dangerously short on culture and need to discover who we are as people and to find our own personal role in the world before we can make the best ideas. Her t-shirt said “Get a Life” and the message behind it was urging us to find our reason for being, as she believes this is the only way we can create change through ideas.

Cannes Day 3 - Vivienne



Luke Waldren. ceo Grey Australia

Luke Waldren, CEO, Grey Australia

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