Marketing Interactive’s Creative Catch-Up – David Sin

David Sin_3

How’d you stumble into this industry?

I’ve always been fascinated by design whether it’s architectural, graphic or industrial. Right after high school, being naïve, I thought it was pretty cool to be a designer of sorts. I went to art school and had a bit of a project on advertising. That’s when I saw the Heineken Refreshes TV spots, Hamlet Cigars campaign, Silk Cut posters and decided that advertising was a bit more alive than design. Of course I’ve never stopped loving design. – David Sin, Group Executive Creative Director of Grey Group Malaysia

Marketing Interactive caught up with David to detail the story of his start in the industry.

Describing himself as a “big ideas first” guy, David has worked on a vast range of clients such as Pizza Hut, Guinness, Pepsi and Panadol.

What about the harshest thing anyone has said to you in your career?

“The work is SH*T.” Ok, it’s never easy to be on the receiving end. But you’ll soon get over it. – David Sin

Find out more about David here!

Marketing Interactive’s Creative Catch-Up is an ongoing series with Malaysia’s top creatives.

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