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Till Hohmann - entry

Say hello to Till Hohmann, our newest addition to the Grey family who will be heading all the creative work on GSK!

Born in Germany, Till has an impressive global footprint – in fact, the move to Singapore is his 19th relocation! The desire to get under the skin of different cultures, a keen interest in the fine arts, photography and design, as well as building and leading multinational teams to do great work were just some of the reasons that caused the moving bug to nip at his heels.

What you may not know about Till is that prior to his stellar creative career (this guy has 350 awards under his belt!), he was an airborne ranger, parachuting for an elite unit of the German army. At one point, he also played the trumpet for a marching band and bass for a punk band – juggling both at the same time! More student jobs that he tried his hands on included selling jeans, washing toilets, unloading containers, selling Christmas trees……. Now, aren’t we glad that he made his way to advertising? :)

While he is adventurous and clearly excited to make Singapore his new home and learn more about the region,  let’s do our part to make him feel more comfortable as he settles in and rides through the… err, Year of the Snake (Till hates snakes), at Grey!

Say hi Till!

Till Hohmann

Read the press release here: Till Hohmann

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