#NotSoFilmy for vivo smartphones

As pioneers of High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) music smartphones, the global smartphone brand, vivo, is set to redefine Indian music with its latest campaign, #NotSoFilmy, which is executed by Grey Group’s sub-unit, Batey.

#NotSoFilmy is a movement by vivo to bring back India’s music identity through producing music for real and not reel. The campaign by Batey was initiated with a video that showed up on social channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Two days after the video surfaced online, vivo offered a challenge on social media to three famous Indie musicians – Uday Benegal, Monica Dogra and Prateek Kuhad. They were to compose a not-so-filmy song for Diwali. Over the next 24 hours, conversations around this unique challenge peaked as each of the artistes engaged with fans on Twitter.

The campaign is presently set to end with the release of the final track accompanied by a music video featuring all three artistes.

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