Ocean Life Insurance reassures families via GREYnJ United


For many years, Ocean Life Insurance has been considered the most trustworthy insurance for the Thai people living in the rural areas of the country.

In 2016, Ocean Life Insurance wanted to gain and increase their market share in Bangkok, especially among the white-collar workers with families, through its new life insurance plan. “Sabai Sure Nothing to fear”, is an insurance savings plan which includes lifetime protection in five areas; accident, health, medical expenses, chronic illness, and cancer an insurance with ‘nothing to fear’. This allows families to live their lives without fearing the unpredictable future.

The campaign launched by GREYnJ United taps into the insight of a father’s greatest fear – failing to care and protect his children.


This idea was the inspiration for the internet film, ‘Coward Father’, which is part of a digital campaign centered around the hashtag, #LoveDefeatsAllFears.

“Coward Father” gained 4,000,000 views within a few weeks, and to date, it has reached more than 6,000,000.


Agency: GREYnJ United, Thailand
Chief creative officer: Jureeporn Thaidumrong
Creative director: Thaweesak Nimmarlairatana
Creatives: Chatchawan Moonpradub, Vatit Butrakas
Account service: Kanaporn Hutcheson, Nichanan Thunduan, Pattrawan Muangsaisan
Planner: Jongkoch Dusittanakarin
Agency oroducer: Kidthungsamur Thongdang
Production House: Vanilla Film
Director: Apirak Pangsripirom
Producer: Pavaranan Kanpairoh
Client: Ocean Life Insurance Public Company Ltd.
Clients: Wanphen Ketchanchai, Pha-orn Meekun-iam, Somrut Kuljaruopas, Pattara
Suwansirislip, Kritsarun Thanayotbenjarat, Kulaphong Kultawanich

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