Panadol celebrates 60 years with new content series ‘Runs in the Family’

Panadol has been a part of Australian families for over 60 years.  And for 60 years they’ve been helping Australians get through life’s daily headaches, its highs and lows, to help build relationships that matter.


To celebrate the last 60 years, Panadol & Grey have launched a content series called Runs in the Family. It focusses on real Aussie families, bringing them to life via candid films, as they reflect and laugh at life’s little headaches, while reviewing some of the different experiences each generation has contributed.


Grey Sydney’s Executive Creative Director, Chad Mackenzie said “These are conversations everyone can relate to. When it comes to families, things change, but some things always stay the same. A lot of what the families talk about in these films are as relevant now as they were 60 years ago”


Panadol’s Area Head of Marketing – Pain Management, Brad Cook added, “This campaign is an opportunity for us to share and celebrate this milestone with Australian consumers”


The campaign has been viewed by over 8.3 million Aussies to date and is running across Panadol’s online and social platforms.


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