Panadol Rapid Australia – Superhero

“When pain is gone, life takes its place” – Panadol Rapid Australia

Panadol Australia partnered with Grey Sydney to provide fast relief for superhero dads.

Colin is a regular dad but is a bit of a “superhero” in his son’s eyes.

“Taking down the bad guys side by side” with his son, Colin does not have time for the headaches and pain that comes with daily life. So he turned to Panadol Rapid for a quick relief for his aches and pains.

Panadol’s new TVC ‘Superhero’ has hit the airwaves and is delivering already.

Even though it’s very early days of the campaign, when compared to the pre-campaign period, Panadol’s market share in Australia has grown tremendously across both pharmacy and retail channels. Recently, it has helped Panadol to deliver the highest ever weekly sales result from the pharmacy channel. The cut-through of this work is the highest in the last three years.

This effort is truly international with creative, strategy and production being shared across Grey Sydney, Grey New York and Grey Group Singapore.

Great early results from a great work.

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