Shoppable film goes mainstream

Shoppable Film

Australian consumers’ use of the Internet is continually evolving. Over the past decade consumption of online video has grown exponentially and we’ve simultaneously become far more comfortable transacting online. As a result many brands are looking at new and innovative ways to promote and sell their products online.

Leveraging this consumer obsession with online video, we’re seeing many brands produce interactive and shoppable film content. These films portray products in a more engaging and desirable form and link directly from within the film to the shopping cart (or store locators for those without an ecommerce offering).

Once the domain of adventurous and experimental brands, shoppable film is going mainstream and now provides a real opportunity for any brand with an online presence.

Earlier this month Ikea launched a 360 degree interactive film to illustrate some great solutions for small spaces.

Target in the U.S. has created a shoppable television series that displays products in real-time as they appear in the show.

Online clothing retailer ASOS won a Gold Lion at Cannes last year for their interactive and shoppable Urban Tour film, created by BBH. Amazingly 14% of visitors to the Urban Tour site purchased within 7 minutes of viewing the content.

Another Gold Lion winner, Danish denim label Only Jeans brought their clothing range to life in this immersive, interactive and shoppable film (produced by Uncle Grey in Denmark).

And one of the earliest examples we remember seeing was this shoppable YouTique from French Connection.

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