Sixty, and looking good

Ali in Cannes


It’s the second day of the festival today and the third day of judging print for me. The jury had a mere six thousand entries to judge in press. Makes one wonder why the pundits keep insisting that press is dying.

We finished the shortlist for Press last night and, I can’t say this will be a stellar year for Press at Cannes. While some of the work is good, most fell into the OK category and nothing really jumped out.

Grey Singapore has a shortlist for Duracell in the craft category and Mumbai has one for Duracell as well. Hope we win.

It amused me to see that even press ads these days need videos to support their case. We had ten this year and I’m sure that will multiply next year. One ad was a solar powered charger for mobile phones- and it actually worked!

Today we will be voting for metal and I see another long day inside a dark room, with stale cakes and sparkling water to keep my spirits up.

While another beautiful sunny day has just broken over Cannes.

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