Grey Group Singapore strengthens GSK leadership team with Maurice Wee and Devika Johri

Maurice Wee and Devika Johri have joined Grey Group Singapore as Creative Director, and Planning Director, respectively. They will both work primarily on the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) account. An experienced and dynamic creative, Maurice will oversee concept development processes of the …

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Joseph Morgans Photo

Grey DPI welcomes Joseph Morgans

Joseph Morgans joins Grey DPI as it’s creative director.

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The Brand Value of Running by Christopher Lee

The Brand Value of Running by Christopher Lee.

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Idea Theft

What should you do if a client that invites you for a pitch, listens to your ideas, takes the presentation, gives the business to an unheard-of agency, then pays them for a piddly amount to execute the ideas you presented?

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Margaret Audrey Sandoval

Mags Sandoval

Being in this industry allows me to be part of a bigger picture. Advertising is more powerful than many people give it credit for. It’s not about the ability to just create trends but we can actually change the behavior of a society, create new cultures, provide new solutions and contribute something that makes a difference in this world and make it a better place.

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Adstars juries

AD STARS 2014′s jury panel – Grey Group

This year’s AD STARS sees four personnel from Grey Group on board the jury panel.

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Resurrecting the long copy

It was born out of desperation, exasperation and the revelation that writers, just don’t write anymore. The art of long copy is dying a slow, cruel death. The advertising community needed a Renaissance of sorts – we needed to revive the power of words. For the sake of advertising, for the sake of clients, for the sake of the future generation. But most of all, for the sake of the craft.

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Chad Mackenzie

Grey appoints Chad Mackenzie as Creative Director for Grey Group Australia, Sydney

Grey Group Australia is pleased to announce that Chad Mackenzie has been appointed as Creative Director for the Sydney office.

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