Grey Group SG CSR initiative

Grey Group Singapore’s employees recently contributed resources to the Start Shelter, a temporary refuge for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. This initiative stemmed from a desire to help those in need during International Women’s Day.


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Grey Group China gave their support to Bai Ma School

Grey Group China helps the children of Bai Ma School to realise their dreams with gifts.

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PawfectPets- featured

Looking for puppies? Visit:

Did you know that most of the adorable puppies you saw on pet shops’ window displays are products of puppy mills? And that by buying them, you are indirectly encouraging the growth of a cruel industry that allows animal abuse? Yolk aims to shed light on the cruelty of puppy mills through Pawfect Pets.

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“Lend an Eye” smartphone app empowers the visually impaired

Lend a hand by downloading the “Lend an Eye” smartphone app. The innovative app developed by Grey Singapore helps the visually impaired to carry out daily tasks with the help of sighted volunteers.

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JayGrey for Greenpeace

Stop the Super Trawler with Greenpeace

Save the shore with JayGrey and Greenpeace! Take a look at how they have raised awareness of the destructive super trawler, Abel Tasman (ex Margiris), which recently hit Australian shores.

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Sort Me Out for Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Imagine logging into your Facebook and seeing your data getting erased gradually – personal information, pictures and friend’s list. Scary, isn’t it? This is somewhat similar to what Alzheimer’s patients have to go through. Grey Singapore based their latest campaign on this concept; the “Sort Me Out” app allows users to experience the effects of Alzheimer’s – it was so real that Facebook requested for the app to be taken down!

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