C&G Training

Digital Training Day @ Campaigns & Grey

The Campaigns & Grey team had a wonderful training session on Digitization last Saturday!

Feedback was great, and we cannot wait for the Digital revolution to hit Manila in full force.


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Eunice Gan

Eunice Gan reflects on the switch from analog to digital

Eunice Gan, Strategic Planning Director, Campaigns & Grey PH​, reflects on the switch from analog to digital.

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Joseph Tsang

A super ecosystem is rising from the East by Joseph Tsang

In Joseph Tsang’s piece, he looks into one of the spotlighted topics in the last decade, the ecosystem, and how one is rising fast in the East.

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Indian Navy

Grey Group India proudly highlights the importance of the Indian Navy

In order to highlight the importance of the Indian Navy on this day, GREY group India has conceptualised a multi-platform campaign that consists of four television commercials, eight radio spots and multiple print ads (in various vernaculars and outdoors scouring media all across the country).The campaign aims at assuring the country of the Indian Navy’s preparedness, high morale and discipline; by featuring them as the ‘Silent yet Strong’ Force who solidly perform their actions in the silent shores of seas and oceans, far away from the land to safeguard the maritime interests of the nation.

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Sudhir Nair _24Oct2012

CEO Series: “Organised Chaos” – A reality in digital

In today’s day and age, or rather the digital age, the consumer is the most tortured soul – tortured by brands, by the choices or options he has, the decisions he has to make, peer pressure, family pressure…and whatever else. This is unlikely to change. In fact, the clutter is just going to increase. Not just in terms of brand choices but also in terms of ever-changing digital content or technologies the consumers will absorb or adopt. In simple terms, it will be absolute chaos.

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grey matter 2

Going dark on technology

How much is too much? Have digital and connected-ness become so overwhelming that you have to take a step back and #unplug? Check out how some brands attempt to resolve this tension and provide that coveted peace of mind.

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