Grey introduces ‘Scent by Downy’

Text messaging is often read as cold and is toneless. In commemoration of the brand’s foray into China, Downy introduced: Scent by Downy.


Because scent triggers emotions and Downy Unstoppables is one of the most popular in-wash fragrance beads, …

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Grey Group Indonesia Hari Raya Campaign with Pantene & Downy

Pantene, Downy, and Grey Group Indonesia have partnered in a new campaign this Ramadhan. Every Idul fitri season, Indonesians ask each other for forgiveness to turn life anew. But when it comes to saying sorry to Mom, it is not …

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Basaan Festival – Downy

Campaigns & Grey demonstrated Downy’s quick-dry formula at the Wattah Wattah Festival.

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A Lullaby of Love: Downy Says “Thank you, Mom!”

Campaigns & Grey and Downy celebrate the unconditional love of mothers everywhere.

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