GreySpotlight – Edward Dai

Name: Edward Dai

Position: Associate Planning Director

Agency: Grey Shanghai



1. What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

I once spent almost 72 hours playing World of Warcraft without sleep when I was a college freshman.  …

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Grey Shanghai – Children’s Day Activity

To wind down and have fun on Children’s Day, our colleagues at Grey Shanghai became kids again by showing up to work in their elementary school uniforms – the red scarf and white shirt. They were assigned to 3 different …

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Grey Shanghai’s annual dinner

Grey Shanghai let down their hair with an annual dinner held at Luxury Living in South Bund, Shanghai. Going with the theme, “Grammy”, the team was dressed to kill for the red carpet. The night kicked off with a “Grey Got Talent” singing contest, and a dance performance with a live band.

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Grey Shanghai introduces k-pop to California Walnut Commission

Grey Shanghai and California Walnut Commission produce the brand’s first music video!

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01-WWF- TheVanishingTree-Main

Save The Vanishing Tree – Illusion or Reality?

Grey Shanghai alters reality with the Vanishing Tree work.

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Grey Group China’s creative briefing workshop at the Shanghai office

Grey Group China held a two-days workshop at Grey Shanghai to assist in optimising efficiency and effectiveness of the China team creative teamwork. Oystercatchers presenters were invited to deliver their compelling and knowledgeable presentation.

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