Bar-B-Q Plaza reveals their new Black Pan, via GREYnJ United Thailand

Bar-B-Q Plaza’s Gold Pan has been the restaurant’s signature and at the centre of many consumers’ moments for almost 30 years. On 19th September, they unveiled a revolutionary change – a stylish and improved black pan.

Within a day, it …

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What keeps us alive? What gets us up when we fall?
What guide us when we are in the dark? What pushes us through our limit?
What drives us forward?

#LIVEWITHPASSION with the new ANANDA Development corporate video

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PeaRy 2

GREYSpotlight: Jongkoch Dusittanakarin

In this new GREYSpotlight, we have Jongkoch Dusittanakarin, strategic planner from GREYnJ United.

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Ocean Life Insurance reassures families via GREYnJ United

Ocean Life Insurance reassures families via GREYnJ United with a new campaign that taps on a father’s greatest fear.

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Tic Tac Be Prepared HR

GREYnJ United’s win at AdFest 2016

This year’s AdFest saw GREYnJ United pulling in a bronze for their ‘Be Prepared’ work for Tic Tac.

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GREYnJ United wins YouTube Award 2015

GREYnJ United’s The Waitor’s Mom for Bar-B-Q Plaza was one of the top five ads on YouTube Ads Leaderboards.

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The Bald Barber Shop by GREYnJ United

In order to help Thai people to understand the importance of their hair, GREYnJ United and Biothymus set up ‘The Bald Barber Shop’ to challenge the public in experiencing hair loss.

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perfect bra

GREYnJ United and Sabina introduce the Perfect Bra

GREYnJ United has helped Sabina to launch their non push-up bra range, Perfect Bra. A bra that can help shape every women’s breasts to look naturally perfect, rather than compensating for what they don’t have.

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The Gunn Report recognises Grey Group Singapore and GREYnJ United

Grey Group Singapore and GREYnJ United on The Gunn Report list.

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BBQ Fulfill Dog Food

Bar-B-Q Plaza and GREYnJ United encouraging customers to reduce wastage

Bar-B-Q Plaza and GREYnJ United want customers to ‘make the most of their meals’ by encouraging customers to be creative in reducing wastage.

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