Andrew Boatman

Andrew Boatman: Emerging markets, the struggle is real

How have the mindsets of multinational brands shifted over the years, and how are marketing budgets best optimized today?

Andrew Boatman (Vice-President & Group Account Director, GSK, Grey Group Singapore) shares his thoughts


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Konstantin Popovic: Tech can close the health gap

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Panadol celebrates 60 years with new content series ‘Runs in the Family’

Panadol has been a part of Australian families for over 60 years.  And for 60 years they’ve been helping Australians get through life’s daily headaches, its highs and lows, to help build relationships that matter.

To celebrate the last 60 …

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Konstantin Popovic (EVP, GSK APAC) takes on additional responsibility for all GSK brands for Middle East and Africa

Konstantin Popovic, EVP, GSK APAC, who oversees GSK, Grey’s second largest business in APAC, will now take on the additional responsibility for managing all GSK brands for Middle East and Africa. KP joined us almost two years ago to take …

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Neil Cotton Joins Grey Group Singapore’s Leadership Team

Neil Cotton has joined Grey Group Singapore as part of the core Singapore leadership team. In his dual role as Global Strategy Director for GSK and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) for Grey Group Singapore, he will oversee the strategy and …

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A 360 degree campaign centred on gamification breaks boundaries for Horlicks Malaysia!

A 360 degree campaign centred on gamification breaks boundaries for Horlicks Malaysia!

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‘Horlicks NutriQuest’ is FWA’s ‘Mobile of the Day’

The ‘Horlicks NutriQuest’ by Grey Group Singapore for GSK has been recognised by the FWA as ‘Mobile of the Day’.

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Antonio Bonifacio on The Global Awards’ jury panel

Antonio Bonifacio, Global Creative Director of Grey Group Singapore (GSK) is on the Grand Jury panel for this year’s Global Awards.

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Monster Mum

Mums are noble beings. Even while feeling unwell, they will put on a facade to look strong in front of their kids. But GSK shows that enduring a headache and pretending nothing is wrong can affect quality time with their …

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Grey Group Asia Pacific welcomes Mimi Nicklin

Mimi Nicklin recently joined Grey Group Asia Pacific as Vice President, GSK, spearheading the nutrition and oral health businesses for the brand.

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