Michael Knox

Michael Knox celebrates getting things done

In this month’s AdNews Opinion issue, Michael Knox celebrates getting things done.

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Rumki Fernandes on the success of team building

Rumki Fernandes, Regional Director, Talent & HR, Grey Group Asia Pacific shares with Human Resources magazine on Grey Group Asia Pacific’s very own real-life success story on team building across geographies.

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Ali Shabaz

The Drum interviews Ali Shabaz on the issues of award shows

The Drum interviews Ali Shabaz on his thought about ad scamming.

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Jim Heekin’s interview in India

Jim Heekin’s interviews with CNBC and Brand Equity – The Economic Times.

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Eric Leong

Movember, masculinity and man-wives – Eric Leong

Eric Leong guest posts for Mumbrella Asia where he looks at the growing phenomenon of the househusband and wonders what this means for marketers.

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Ompong Remigio_3

Creative Series: Barkers Don’t Like Barkers

My best ads were the ones greatly applauded by my children and pets, and have gone on to win trophies and increase sales for the brands so I concluded that they were my better resource for screening ideas.

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