Nugroho Nurarifin – It is not always about a fresh start

“In an industry where the main product is all about creativity, it is of course natural for advertising industry to put a lot of emphasis on newness. Moreover, as innovation is a dominant theme of this age, again, it’s not …

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Eunice Gan

Eunice Gan reflects on the switch from analog to digital

Eunice Gan, Strategic Planning Director, Campaigns & Grey PH​, reflects on the switch from analog to digital.

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Adeline Lee’s comment on the South Morning China Post

“Malls have developed to become a place for entertainment, from movies to ice skating and fabulous restaurants that are very important for shoppers,” says Adeline Lee, founder and CEO of Grey Shopper DPI, a retail services company.

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Financial Express_Dheeraj Sinha

Dheeraj Sinha shares with The Financial Express on advertising to women

For International Women’s Day, Dheeraj penned his thoughts for The Financial Express on advertising to women and advises on the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

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Leon Liu shares ‘how to build a brand for the people’

Leon Liu’s article examines how one can build a brand for the public in today’s digital marketing world, and how their strategies have changed.

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Abhishek Chaturvedi_3

Rise of the rurban India – Abhishek Chaturvedi

Abhishek Chaturvedi shares how ‘digital age’ is impacting rural Indian consumers.

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Dheeraj Sinha

Navigating With A Broken Compass – Dheeraj Sinha

Dheeraj Sinha, our Chief Strategy Officer for Grey Group South & Southeast Asia, shares with The Economic Times’ Brand Equity about what good is big data without reliable data to work with.

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ben tan - feat

Platform Innovation in a Service business

Confessions of how a frustrated innovator is secretly attempting to create innovative digital platforms as a business within Grey Group.

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Dheeraj Sinha

Cannes Lions 2014: Dheeraj Sinha’s blog: #UnFake

‘Put-on is the biggest put-off here’, says the author, making the case for ‘planned spontaneity’ as against ‘rehearsed perfectness’

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Sudhir Nair _24Oct2012

CEO Series: “Organised Chaos” – A reality in digital

In today’s day and age, or rather the digital age, the consumer is the most tortured soul – tortured by brands, by the choices or options he has, the decisions he has to make, peer pressure, family pressure…and whatever else. This is unlikely to change. In fact, the clutter is just going to increase. Not just in terms of brand choices but also in terms of ever-changing digital content or technologies the consumers will absorb or adopt. In simple terms, it will be absolute chaos.

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