Postcard from Singapore: Subbaraju Alluri tells us why Singapore is Home

What seems like a lifetime ago, I left a little place called home and traveled far and wide to a land that was a hybrid of both, city and country. I gave up countless comforts to come here and start …

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GreySpotlight – Richa Kapse

Name: Richa Kapse Nair

Agency: Grey Shopper DPI

Office: Singapore

Claim to Fame: Night-watchman at the Grey DPI studio (4th floor)


1.      What sparked your interest in the advertising/creative industry?

Everyone in my family is from a creative background …

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GreySpotlight: Randell Quitain

Name: Randell Quitain

Position: Front-End Developer

Agency: Grey Digital

Office: Singapore

Claim to Fame: A fast learner, low-profile and output-oriented developer (… and also I just platinumed FromSoftware’s “Bloodborne” i think it’s something to brag about.)


What sparked your

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Monster Mum

Mums are noble beings. Even while feeling unwell, they will put on a facade to look strong in front of their kids. But GSK shows that enduring a headache and pretending nothing is wrong can affect quality time with their …

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Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

Grey Group deepest condolences to the Lee Family and to the people of Singapore.

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GSK team (Eye-mo) collaborates with Alew Liew

A collaboration between the GSK team (Eye-mo) and Alew Liew creates the new art form, water calligraphy.

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Subbaraju Alluri_2

An insight into digital advertising with Subbaraju Alluri

Business Standard interview with Subbaraju Alluri on the ever-changing digital advertising world.

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lend an eye

Grey Group Singapore is on a roll!

2013 saw Grey Group Singapore brought home their wins at IAS Hall of Fame awards for their “Lend an Eye” campaign.

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Makeover of Grey Group HQ in Singapore

Check out the new office!

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PawfectPets- featured

Looking for puppies? Visit: PawfectPets.sg

Did you know that most of the adorable puppies you saw on pet shops’ window displays are products of puppy mills? And that by buying them, you are indirectly encouraging the growth of a cruel industry that allows animal abuse? Yolk aims to shed light on the cruelty of puppy mills through Pawfect Pets.

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